quinta-feira, dezembro 08, 2011


How would someone I know, I can not help.I even reluctant to write about, but I read so much nonsense that they were hammered into the skull made the hammer of Thor, so I thought that maybe if I wrote about in my space, they would cease to torment me.One blogger decided to be a PHD in relationship and wrote a handbook on how a woman should behave to win and keep a man. I honestly do not understand how silly this can permeate the thought of a woman, after all there are so many important things to worry about in the universe, and someone decides to launch a manual of this size to "steer" the young ladies to win a guy.
But on the positive side, it must be a joke for the day TPM.Vejamos.The quotes from that girl as his "tips" that:1) While you can not find the right man, do not play with the wrong ones. Unless you want your fame frighten the man.2) Take care of appearance: face wash, moisturizer move the legs and arms.3) Do not EVER go to bed in the first encontro.Talvez segundo.Pra sure, always use an old and ugly underwear.4) Do not let him perceive that you are passionate about, do not post show sugary and not available.5) Smile for his friends (even without endeavors will).6) Do not be "headache" often.7) Do not introduce him to her friends beautiful
There are many pearls and wisdom, but is indigestible cite all.Holy Christ! Or I am mistaken, or the wife must live in complete seclusion in order not to damage their image of holy pilgrim!In fact, the woman has a set of rules, labels and behaviors to worry, but to fit all men.I can not understand what leads a woman to believe such nonsense, but judging by the comments of that blog in which the degree of insanity is scary. It has a lot of crazy woman taking notes and actually believing that there is a manual of life and relationship that is not the spontaneity and sincerity.If I had taken to heart the rules of this crazy person would not have the incredible partner and I have at my side. It turns out that when we fall in love, the most delicious of all is actually acting as such. Make a fool of myself (the) part of this moment, and has the cutest thing and beautiful than the fool (a) in love? Who would not be reading and rereading the beloved romantic messages sent (a)?Everything in life has pros and cons, but no room for mediocre thoughts like "careful not to foul-mouthed" is bizarre, ridiculous and insane.Do not use a ruler to measure your shallow life.Do not tabulate their behavior.He said a wise woman named Simone de Beauvoir, "that freedom is our substance."We are people, not puppets or appliance together with instructions and lifetime guarantee by this or that behavior pattern.I imagine that Simone de Beauvoir must be turning in his grave with rage.

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